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Amber comes from solidified and fossilized resin drops of coniferous trees of the Neolithic period, and can be found on the shores of seas. People have been attracted to amber since ancient times and its industrial history goes on for centuries. People have believed amber to have magical properties and to be a symbol for harmony of warmth and energy of the Baltic Sea. Amber has always been used for jewellery, decorations and as a natural health enhancer.  It is believed that this precious Baltic gem provides the owner with energy and spiritual balance. Just like in the old days, today, a piece of sea-polished amber is often sent as a present or souvenir to relatives, especially those who life far away from Lithuania. This authentic Lithuanian treasure is especially valued in the form of jewellery by both men and women alike.

Stories about the healing properties of amber come from as far in history as Hippocrates’s times, where it was used as a healing mineral. It is thought that amber helps infants avoid and recover from various diseases and today this can also be a fashionable way to take care of your children.

Amber is also different and special compared to other gemstones, because often amber pieces are found with natural and unique inclusions of various plants, insects, and fragments. These amber pieces reveal and uncover a small part of mysterious nature and history and are very highly valued by archaeologists.

In jewellery making, amber is not only used for pieces of jewellery, but also for making rosaries. Our rosaries are made from the highest quality Baltic amber beads that come in an array of colours and shapes and can be both traditional and modern. Bare and raw pieces of unaltered amber are also widely used as home décor elements, thus can make very thoughtful business or other gifts, that would emit Baltic authenticity, mineral properties and historical secrets through its beauty.

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