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                                   Amber wholesale


  • We are the largest amber jewellery exporters in Lithuania.

  • The largest amber jewelry wholesale representatives in Lithuania.
  • We are in this business for more than 20 years.

  • We offer a vast range of excellent quality and unique amber jewelry that comes in many different styles and is made by the best jewellery designers in the world.
  • Only original, highest-quality pieces made only from AAA quality gemstones.
    Authentic, hand-made products: amber necklace, amber bracelet , rosaries, pendants, spacer beads, earrings, rings, etc.

  • We sell our amber jewellery worldwide: Canada, Australia, France (Paris), Germany, Japan, Ireland, Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, the UnitedKingdom, United States, Switzerland, the USA, Poland, New Zealand,China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Lithuania, Latvia, and so on.

Our online range offers amber bracelets, necklaces and other elegant jewellery in various styles and colours for both men and women. You can choose between classic and modern amber jewellery made from yellow, brown, white, green, or different amber. The amber in the bracelets and necklaces comes in either processed, round or chopped form, which is barely changed since its collection from the seashore. You can also choose a whole set of matching jewellery and by doing so, cherish and foster real Lithuanian and Baltic values. Amber is not only a great and original choice while looking for a special and personal accessory, but also indispensable when looking to get a gift for a loved one or a business partner to enrich friendships.

World Wide Delivery


We Work Only From Natural Baltic Amber



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